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The best manager for all your papers at home


Add meta.
Add meta.



Keep encrypted digital copies of your papers in the cloud accessible from anywhere. Find the one you need in seconds. Send it to the printer, email or messaging app.

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On-device encryption

All the personal data is encrypted on your device before sending to the server. No one will be able to read it without your password.

Text recognition

The text from the papers is extracted and used to enrich the metadata and easily find the paper when you need it.

Links to contacts

You are browsing the web using links between pages. To browse your papers the best way is to link them to your contacts.

Reminded just in time

You will never forget to pay the bills or to renew the insurance. For any date in the future, you can set a reminder and get a notification on the day or a few days before.

All details on the card

Cards are specially crafted to show the most important of each type of paper. Totals, reimbursements, issue dates, expiration dates, and more.

Grouping and filtering

You can see all the papers, and yearly or monthly, group your papers by type, category or contacts. And for each group get more essential totals.

Stacks for everything else

For everything grouping is not enough, you can stack the papers. Each paper can be part of multiple stacks.

Free. Until you’re in love

Using The Papers is free for the first 50 papers. Forever.

For the people that need more, there is a 1.99 per month subscription, so we can pay for the servers and keep improving the app.

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